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So a while back, March/April this year and took some web hosting services for a crowd on the interweb. This hosting as FREE for six month, they also charged me USD5.00 for the domain;

After the free hosting expired I want to transfer this domain to my current registrar. Low and behold they gave me a list of excuses as long as my arm, one being that I must renew the domain which expires in December 2016 and then it nine. Now payment is made, I found the domain transfer locked, so another dozen emails back and forward to get this sorted.

Finally this week I managed to do the transfer from to my registrar.

Voila! it is now sorted and all is routed to my primary domain

I noticed that at every event there was the question: "How/where do I get the photographs taken?".

Thus in my efforts to grow my Action Sport Event Photography, I have launched "SNAP GALLERY", allow a easy to remember URL for participants for events, together with flyers that I distributed at the time of the event.

Besides using the as a sudo "short URL" that is easy to remember, the web page also displays the events portal that is at There is also the inclusion of a QR codes to allow the scanning on Smart Device for reference. Further more there is a Bit.Ly short URL ending in "snapgallery".

These new changes will hopefully allow easy access to images and photographs after an event. 

#snapgallery @marcrossmann