So with the onslaught of the digital era, I decided to jump onto the band-wagon and get a Mobile Payment System in place for online and location payments of photo's & images.

SnapScan in my option was the simplest, quickest and most affordable route to take. It took a few minutes to sign my photography business as merchant and within ninety minutes I got an email from the area's SnapScan representative.

The next day, she arrange my starter pack for me to display at point of sale and complete the application process. Seamless and painless Everything was finalised with an hour.

Marc Rossmann Photography is an ready and able to receive SnapScan Payments.

For more information on how to install SnapScan & how to make payments, click HERE!

So a while back, March/April this year and took some web hosting services for a crowd on the interweb. This hosting as FREE for six month, they also charged me USD5.00 for the domain;

After the free hosting expired I want to transfer this domain to my current registrar. Low and behold they gave me a list of excuses as long as my arm, one being that I must renew the domain which expires in December 2016 and then it nine. Now payment is made, I found the domain transfer locked, so another dozen emails back and forward to get this sorted.

Finally this week I managed to do the transfer from to my registrar.

Voila! it is now sorted and all is routed to my primary domain

I noticed that at every event there was the question: "How/where do I get the photographs taken?".

Thus in my efforts to grow my Action Sport Event Photography, I have launched "SNAP GALLERY", allow a easy to remember URL for participants for events, together with flyers that I distributed at the time of the event.

Besides using the as a sudo "short URL" that is easy to remember, the web page also displays the events portal that is at There is also the inclusion of a QR codes to allow the scanning on Smart Device for reference. Further more there is a Bit.Ly short URL ending in "snapgallery".

These new changes will hopefully allow easy access to images and photographs after an event. 

#snapgallery @marcrossmann

When taking lightning photographs I am always looking for new way to capture the essence of one of nature's most fascinating elements.

This is the story behind this image. Take from from the top balcony of our dwelling across the complex rooftops, the lightning in the background and the lights of the neighbour shining in prefect harmony for that moments events to happen.

The end result is like the lightning is powering or charging the dwelling. 

This image has had over 160 downloads at the time of this writing.

See more wonderful lightning in Johannesburg Urban City. Gallery: Urban Lightning

This Sunday, Nov 4 2016, sees the inaugural run of the Forest Hill City - Summer Marathon. There are two distances that are available for running; the 5km and the 10km.

The race starts at 07:00 on Sunday, 4th Dec at Forest Hill City Shopping Mall

I will be taking photographs on the day for one and all to see. Pre-register on the event page for notification of images.

Events by Marc Rossmann Photography

On the 13th November 2016 Johannesburg MTB junkies took to the terrain in and round Riversands/Kyalami for the 2016 947 MTB Challenge.

I was able to capture some participants for the 25km race in Sunday at approx. 17km from the start.

It was awesome to see that amount of people entering as each year the field gets bigger and bigger giving the course designers a tough task to keep the enthusiasm peaked and maintain the high level of safety that the MTB Challenge has adhered too.

For more photo's and images see the EVENTS page, a selected few images are also in the GALLERY

Well done to all that participated and completed this years event. Happy Mountain Biking, 2017